When trying to find someone new, what should we look for in him ?

We tend to be confused when selecting someone else. What should we do ?

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Tania Dey
June 7, 2017


  1. I believe it’s the empathy, the kindness that you should look out for when trying to find someone. That person will be with you no matter how broken or imperfect you are, something which we all are; that person will allow you to err and forgive easily; that person will keep you anchored in all the turbulence in life.

  2. The brain runs on calculations and the heart on it's own beat. Let the heart be the pacemaker and better judge. *p**p*If you will look for reasons, imagine the day when you will run out of same reason for the same love.*p**p*Peace*p*

  3. About this dive that you talk about. what if we realise it's the wrong plunge ?*p*

  4. Isn't that grading people on the basis of merits and de-merits? How much of it is love then ?*p*

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