Which loneliness is worse?

Which loneliness is harder to deal with, being alone (unattached) or being lonely even in a relationship? 

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June 7, 2017


  1. Over expectations often lead to loneliness due to unattachments. Be realistic in your expectations & most importantly be proactive if you want your expectations to be fulfilled. *p**p*While if you are lonely in a relationship,  either something is wrong in your relationship goals or you are trying to reach out for the stars while the moon is in your grasp. You cannot have everything.  The grass can be greener on your side provided you nurture it with all your love & care.*p*

  2. Being alone  means you just have to do things by yourself. You still have control over your life. You can always join a class or a group. *p**p*Being  lonely is to be sad all the time and it has  effects on  your mental health. But you can still do something about it. If you are in a relationship you can make an effort and try to do something with your partner which you both enjoy. It could just be going out for a movie. *p*

  3. Being lonely in a relationship is simply a nightmare. We surely get into relationship for sharing and caring, and not to remain alone. Had we wished to remain lonely, then why get into relationships in the first place? Atleast if one is single, he or she doesn't need to bear the baggages of a relationship.*p*

  4. When you are attached and still lonely as there is an element of expectation when you are in a relationship . It does not matter when there is nobody around you but when you have someone with you , there is a need for bonding and that cannot happen if you are still feeling lonely . *p*

  5. Osho used to clearly explain the difference between being alone and being lonely. The first is only a physical phenomenon not necessarily leading to the second which is a state of mind.*p*Given that you mean being lonely when single or being lonely when in a relationship, the second is surely the worse predicament.*p*

  6. Aren't both the same? Ultimately you are alone. Say if you are unattached you have the whole world to attach to as and when necessary whereas if you are in a relationship you have the whole world of pleasure of being together. Yet if you feel alone in either of cases you are alone.*p**p*Both are easy situations to deal if you share. Easier done than thought.*p*

  7. Being lonely in a relationship is much more saddening. It is like you feel cornered by the one you love. It is a very helpless feeling.*p*