Which one is worse, a loose hand of an otherwise quiet spouse or the verbal onslaught demeaning every living hour of your existence?

In several couples, verbal duel is common. It is expected, routine. When the civility of it all relegates to insults, deliberate assaults, the victim seethes. Mostly, the victim has either an economic or an emotional dependency on the assaulter. Mostly, it's a He on the receiving end.Then there are some where hands are let loose, and the other organs of torture. Blue marks are hidden under the odhni at work. When these marks get visible, a fall is usually the excuse. Mostly, the recipients of such abuse is a She.Both are unwarranted, deplorable. The argument, useless one at that, often is: Which one is worse? Which one may be excused? What do you think?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Civility, dear friend! Your behaviour amounts to the abuse I was referring to. A little provocation, with due apologies, yet your fingers get loose. Lost of purpose, just to make a point. Thus, alas, the verbal abuse starts. *p*