Who gets the pet?

It’s difficult to come out of a long relationship where there are a lot of things shared. What happens when there are pets involved? Who gets them, pays for their expenses etc? What do you think should happen in such a situation?

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Jamshed Ali
August 15, 2017


  1. When people divide their kids, who thinks of the pets. Of course whoever loves the pet more and is willing to take the responsibility, must take the pet.

  2. Pet should go to the one who can take maximum care and support its expenses. the decision has to be based onmutual understanding, of course.

  3. I knew someone who faced this predicament with a dog she and her fiancé got together. They broke up but came to an understanding that I think worked well. They decided that whoever had more time should keep the dog as animals need companionship. And the other could chip in financially, pay for food/ training/ meds etc.

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