Who is the right person to give good relationship advice? Marriage counsellors, friends or online forums?

Who is the right person to give good relationship advice? Marriage counsellors, friends or online forums?

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Nitin Kumar
June 7, 2017


  1. As far as relationships in life are concerned, no set patterns of behaviour work as a human mind is an intricate subject to study. Whether or not should you approach a Marriage Counsellor, an online forum is a question to personal introspection which must, therefore, for its very nature, differ from person to person. *p**p*What I personally feel is that a family member, a good friend or some one who understands you and your vulnerabilities, can counsel much better with a genuine concern than a professional can. A professional listens to your problems with keen interest, BUT wouldn't however go to bed mulling over your problem. You are just a client. WHEREAS a close friend or family member would have no peace of mind until you are relieved. She understands what you have actually been through. *p**p*I trust more a friend because that's where I can totally confide in. I can confess my shortcomings, can be hurled towards self analysis and come out cleaner. *p**p*Maya Khandelwal *p**p*Author of – *p**p*A Beautiful Mistake *p**p*Just Zindagi *p**p*Fireflies *p**p*www.firefliesmk.com*p**p* *p*

  2. Hmm.. But sometimes don't you think we get stuck and need a third person's point of view to help us out..*p*

  3. The person who you should be taking advice from  should have the following qualities *p**p*Have good listening skills *p**p*Be nonjudgmental *p**p*Keep your information confidential *p**p*Have experience with people who have similar problems as yours.*p**p*Conversely the person who you should NOT be talking to *p**p*Gossiping nature *p**p*Poor track record in his own relationships *p**p*Has a personal angle in seeing your relationship stay or break up. *p*

  4. nope. I think we ourself have the ability to cope up with our relationship problem. what we lack is some connection with someone other than our spouse. that is why we search for someone to guide us. the thing is no one is perfect and once you find what is imperfect about your spouse you also find out what is the problem with your relation and you don't need any other advice. just a friendly talk with a friend or even a counselor shows you what you already know. its not about advice its about talking to someone other than your other half.*p*

  5. honestly, I don't think anyone can give a good relationship advice. marriage counselors and online forums tell you what you want to hear and friends will shower you with their personal experience. I think every relationship is different because the people involved are different so another person cannot tell you what you can do with your relation. now talking about your problem with someone else, that is something that helps. you can talk to your friends or family or even counselors and while doing that you may yourself stumble upon the problem and find the solution yourself. *p*

  6. I think all of them can. Life is all about learning from experiences and all human beings go through different kinds of experiences which may come out handy for another if shared. But still I would say a marriage councellor would give you a more scientific or even a philosophical view about everything. He may give you some guidelines based on facts as opposed to your friends or people on online forums who will share first-hand details of their experiences to meet your ends. So you never know what could turn out to be helpful.*p*

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