Who needs marriage more?

Men or women? I contend that it is the man’s insecurity about paternity that has resulted in marriage becoming mandatory. And this led to women become dependent on men as she focused on rearing children. If she were independent, she wouldn’t care so much about marriage… Your views?

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Meera S
June 7, 2017


  1. I do agree with patriarchy and it's stress on marriage. If you look at it, even the word husband comes from husbandry, wherein the wife is seen as property. Today financially independent women are trying to call the shots on when they want to marry, if at all. Hopefully the world will accept that marriage is not something to be forced upon and single life is not to be frowned upon. *p*

  2. Society has a past and perhaps I agree with the OP that it is because of the man that the institution of marriage has become mandatory. But of late, society as evolved, men and women are rooting for equality in genders, and thanks to the rise of feminism, women are becoming increasingly independent. So, as of today, I would think it is up to a person to marry or not. It is not an issue of who needs marriage more anymore. It is a question of choice. Both the genders can choose to be single for life or married. If the man and woman are in love they can indeed marry or stay in a live-in relationship or whatever fits their bill. This freedom has done away with the necessity of marriage. But the society is also slow in accepting this change. It still wants to be patriarchal and it fights.*p**p*But remember, marriage may induce some security into a blossoming relationship. So, I would say, both the genders may want to consider the benefits of the institution, but the choice should be up to them.

  3. I think parents, their friends and relatives need marriage more than men and women. Young people wants to stay independent.

  4. The society needs it, more than men and women. Otherwise, it depends on person to person. Some men want to be free and hence prefer to remain single and vice versa. It is, after all, our perceptions that decide what, or where, we want to be.*p**p**p*

  5. Marriages make both men and women dependent, mostly in a positive, team spirit like manner. But if one feels its a negative, burdensome dependency, then one should act. Marriages are not mandatory in the current world anymore, people can afford to be together without being married or stay single if they like it. Social stigmas have reduced.

  6. I respect the institution of marriage but don’t think it should be forced on people. If two people really want to get married it is their decision and at the same time if they want to stay single, it is again their choice. In my view marriage has got nothing to do with getting dependent or staying independent. Being dependent or independent is all about the temperament. A person who has been groomed to stay independent will stay the same both with marriage or without. *p*

  7. Marriage is a need for all genders. Who doesn’t want comfort, warmth, security of a cover which embraces you on your return from days work. Paternity is also a personal choice as we have many DINKS around. Moreover this discussion is centred towards urban population which isn’t a true representation of entire population. Rural women are more empowered have a better say*p* and less vulnerable.

  8. I think women can live by themselves if they have a great support structure. But women are cruel to women in our society, even now. They feel threatened, in my opinion. But I think a man needs marriage more.

  9. I think neither, but since misery loves company I think its only those ‘other married’ people(read-relatives/parents/people pretending to be friends) who insist -you feel their chronic pain, their eternal discomfort and also those unhappily divorced men who lost half their earnings in that glittering wedding and the other half in alimony.

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