Whom will you help – the woman in the troubled relation or the man?

The question just stopped me in my tracks? Whom i will choose to help? My friend or his/her better half? Will i let better sense prevail? or will i get emotional about the issue?Who will i work to save?

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June 7, 2017


  1. There's no point waiting for things to get out of control. An abusive relationship does a lot of damage that takes years to heal. I'd say ask them to give it three strikes. If a person doesn't change by then they will never change and the relationship is not worth it. For the person taking the abuse, thwy start fooling themselves into believing that they deserve the abuse, or their partner will change. As a friend try and open their eyes to the truth. All the best!*p*

  2. I will call an abusive relationship as one where only one person exists. That is the person who abuses to get his/ her way, and this person feels empowered to strangle everything that the other partner stands for. There is no respect and understanding, and there is no point of waiting for the abusive person to change. I believe that one should always change the things that make you unhappy and which you have the power to change.*p**p*But of course, there are people who are either helplessly in love or don't have the courage to face the oppressor. As a close family member or friend of the oppressed, one cannot help the person helplessly in love but can always try and give confidence to a person seeking the strength to walk out of an abusive relationship. *p*

  3. As you said it's an abusive relationship so nothing going to change.Relationship works with the mutual efforts.Abusive relationship is not at all healthy. Time will create more rough patches between them. It's better to come out of it. Moreover, you will get more hurt as time passes.Try to walk out of it*p*

  4. walking out when things get out of control. people are thought that once you get a partner, no matter how difficult they are, you have to stick with them but that is not the case. if you are in an abusive relationship then walk out. don't wait for them to change because if they had any inclination to change then they would have a long time back.*p*