Why are marriage and happiness always co-related in the context of women? Why is compulsory for woman to get married and have children?

Do marriage and motherhood define a woman? WHy are marriage and happiness always connected in a woman's life?

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Neeti Singh
July 13, 2017


  1. I think there is a rise in number of people who are saying these definitions but wether it's social conditioning or your own upbringing, there is a general tendency to build a family some day. Being the kind of folks we are , we will not accept live in or allow single folks to adopt ( married ones are having a hard time for that ) so marriage and making own child seems the easy way. But when it doesn't suit some one , why do we judge their choices. As long as the person doesn't act jealous and too hard to prove that being single is the best thing , let them be. BUT IF YOU KEEP SHOWING OFFTHE FREEDOM AND DISSING THE DEPENDENCIES OF MARRIED / COUPLES WITH A CHILD, you are just being an asshole. Do not cry sour over grapes you once rejected on your own. *p*

  2. Of course there is more to a woman than her womb. But gender divisions, patriarchy and over sexualisation of a woman makes her just a path to carry a man's genes forward. Marriage is also only valid till a woman becomes a mother. A married woman who doesn't have  a child is looked down upon as well. But these perceptions need to be broken. Marriage, kids, can be an important component to life but there is more. And someone who does not want these things is not lesser than those who do.*p*

  3. It doesn't depend. It's totally a construction of society and how we follow it. One can stay happy without doing any of it. Take Arundhati Roy for example. She's tried everything. She married someone and eventually broke up because she couldn't find happiness in it. If we can fight for our happiness then it gets easy. *p*

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