Why are single women so vulnerable?

Why are women so vulnerable when they are alone ? Is it so necessary to have a man in one’s life? Single women fall prey to scoundrels looking for a woman in need for a man . Why does rational thinking fly out of the window when a single woman meets a man who claims to be either single or in a bad relationship and wants out of that ? Why does an educated and intelligent woman become brain dead when she meets a man when she is alone?

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Vaishali Chandorkar-Chitale
August 21, 2017


  1. Why do we stereotype and think single women are vulnerable? They are just as much vulnerable as the bunch of married frustrated women are.

  2. Such few women know themselves’, that its just shocking. And that I feel is the biggest reason for falling for anyone. But i must say, that i see that a lot of that is changing. As the whole universe itself is in a mode of transformation and transition, i think, a lot of people , are waiting and using their, higher powers or their intuition, in matters of the heart. Yes there are always the desperate people, be it women or men for that matter, who just want to be with someone, and cant stand being alone.
    But, is being alone so bad? No right? If only they waited for sometime and tasted the nectar of being on your own and growing into your own person, i guess more people wouldn’t fall for jerks and wait for someone they truly like, love, want to be with.
    As to why women go brain dead when alone, that also is changing, i think, a lot of awareness has come in, and i see more single women, either separated or single, trying to find themselves first, rather than being in a hurry to tag along with someone on some boring, dumb, pathetic, or cheated ride.

  3. Two options. Either I refute you or present an explanation. I shall use both.
    Not all women are vulnerable or naive, alone or not, as you presume. I know a lot of them who are strong and balanced and live a successful life of their own.
    Those who are vulnerable are vulnerable and they make a mistake of entering a sphere of environment where they land up with the so called scoundrels(if you wish to call the men who wish to fish). There is an inherent insecurity in women which leads to lean on these scoundrels. Women from their childhood are sheltered more and thus grow up with the habit of a male approval for most of the things, the first male being their father. It is the need of the male approval which makes most of the women vulnerable. Many women have not learned how to accept themselves outside of the norm of what is being projected on to them. No woman is brain dead. It is just the impulses which matter.

  4. I think such men take advantage of the side of a woman that is nurturing and wants to save a man. Not all women feel that way. But it is a little like how smart men fall for women that play the damsel in distress card

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