Why are we so interested in celebrity marriages and divorces?

This morning music composer Vishal Dadlani’s divorce made it to the front page. Why do we really care? Why do people spend hours agonising over Hrithik-Sussane, Farhan-Adhuna or Arbaaz-Mallaika’s marriage? Why not pay attention to your own?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I think indians just love being peeping toms, it’s strange when seemingly normal people get so emotional about the love lifes of celebrities. get a life guys!

  2. It could be because we feel connected to a celebrity, or consider their relationship ideal. It's also because from afar celebrities seem to lead perfect lives. And divorce or break ups show that they also have the same issues. Sometimes it's a break from our own mundane lives. While concentrating on our lives is important, celebrity love lives have lessons for us all. Such as no amount or money or fame can substitute love. *p*

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