Why are women so expressive? Sometimes too much!

I mean it is ok to be expressive but not all the time. 

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June 7, 2017


  1. Woman show love by expressing themselves. They scream when they're angry, cry when they're sad, get hyper when they're excited, etc etc! Men don't express themselves. They like to be left alone when they're sad! And that's how a relationship works! It's totally okay for women to be expressive as that's the only way they show their love towards you! *p*

  2. Yes, women are probably biologically better at expressing their feelings compared to men. *p**p*The child's  upbringing also plays a big role in his ability to express himself. Boys are brought up to be tough and independent while girls are brought up to be non-aggressive and obedient. *p**p*Kids also learn verbal and nonverbal skills from watching their parents behavior. *p*

  3. It is good to be expressive don't you think. At least it clears a lot of things. Instead of burying things on the inside is it not better to express and make matters clear.*p**p*I think men should be expressive too. You know, just to spice things up a little bit.*p*

  4. Women can complain too, for men not being expressive. Sometimes too less. And, they do. And, that's how it is. We have to make peace with it because how women and men are supposed to be. *p*

  5. Clearly your question suggests that you have been having problems with assuming your female partner being overly expressive and emotional.*p**p*Women do like to express themselves and be vocal about their thoughts and feelings but so do men. Human emotions and feelings are things you cannot predict and control. Being expressive has got nothing to do with gender but it's got to do with ones personality.*p**p*When you are deeply in love with a person and are fond of them. Anything they say or express you would never be tired of listening to them . But if a person expresses their hurt or if they are going through negative emotions, then obviously if you don't want to hear it you will feel agitated and think why is the other person expressing so much. *p**p*It's true other way round too. If your partner is not very expressive about their feelings, then you might feel unloved or uncared for and then you will complain why don't you ever tell me how you feel. *p**p*So It's all about understanding the person and can happen to both genders.*p*

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