Why can’t we accept extra marital affairs from our screen heroes?

We have some hit Hindi films where the hero is an adulterer like Sajan Chale Sasural and Maang Bharo Sajna. One thing is common among these films, they are not realistic or in any sense serious representation of marriage or affair. The films are either senseless comedies or they are stories of larger than life selfless women. On the other hand serious movies like Silsila and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna failed despite the presence of super stars. Is it difficult for us to watch when a film on extra marital relationship gets too real? Did Silsila become even more real with its casting?

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Jeeta Mohanty
June 7, 2017


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  2. Bajirao Mastani was a huge hit. I think there were many more movies, like Arth, Astitva, Masoom, Hum Dil de chuke sanam, Life in a metro, Guide.. Guide was iconic, and a success too. I think if the story is told well, then we as audiences are just waiting to lap up a good story. My heart went out to Bajirao as he was torn between his love and his love.. I mean why cant i be in love with two people and do justice to both. It was revolutionary i thought.. So i think if filmmakers dish out a great story done convincingly , we are more or less ready to watch. ofcourse dont expect a ‘pelvic thrust’ expecting audience to understand. the latest aye dil hai mushkil too dealt with some difficult emotions.. i think we are evolving and so are our tastes. *p*

  3. Deepa I remember reading this observation some where – if a movie deals with husband’s affair then it is a family entertainer and if the wife is the adulteress then movie would get adult certificate

  4. Hi Malini.*p*Bajirao Mastani was set in a time when polygamy especially for a king was common. We are accepting to polygamy in our myth and history since childhood. Moreover in the story we are talking about bigamy not affair. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Woh Saat Deen are about a woman not being able to marry her boyfriend and then falling in love with the husband. So far as I remember the women were not in contact with their boyfriend after marriage. Masoom and Arth were as I mentioned before about story of the woman. In Guide extra marital affair was a little part. In Life in Metro the cheating husband was not projected as a nice person and the wife wanted an escape. Anyway the movie was collection of short stories. Was Astitva commercially successful?*p**p*About being in love with two persons, that’s our personal choice but no one should get hurt.*p**p*But you are right if the filmmaker can depict the story classily then any topic can make a great movie. And you are again right Indian viewers are evolving.

  5. You are right. We shy away from any thing which is too real to be awkward. For instance how many films deal with disturbed relationship with own parents?

  6. Totally agree Devlina. Not only marriage, in any kind of relationship I expect complete honesty and loyalty. If one is unhappy in the relationship then better to walk out than cheat

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