Why couples don’t take romancing seriously after marriage?

Let's not assume that this is a side effect of marriage. The importance of romance in any marriage cannot be overstated but it is needed. 

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Shipra Trivedi
July 13, 2017


  1. Because movies don't show that. We as a society follow what other tell us so romance, movies, long drives figure in our list before the marriage and post that its family, kids, and duties. *p*

  2. After parenting, I guess this aspect should be taken on the most serious note. *p*

  3. Its True!! I think, it is inevitable too,  because, once married, so many priorities comes to take the place of romance. However couples should give a serious thought about it.*p*

  4. Taking each other for granted and seeing each other's flaws more than good qualities, are the reasons behind this. Usually in the daily struggle of routine living, it's romance that takes a beating. Couples need to consciously and actively work towards keeping the spark alive.*p*

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