Why do we feel so possessive about our partner ?

Many a times it goes negative. It creates boundary to one's freedom in life. Being possessive is good or not, i don't know, but limiting someone's freedom is 100% sin. Is possessiveness a taboo ?

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Arjun Sethia
July 13, 2017


  1. Expectation leads to selfish love not selfless love. People need to understand this.*p*

  2. True that. In today's dynamic life, selfless love, respect, trust seems to be missing. We all are suffering inside our own created walls. *p*

  3. True. Somehow I feel rare people get pure love from their partners which is way ahead than their parent's love. Lots of partners show immaturity when its about their soul mate otherwise they behave like Einstein.  *p*

  4. As being possessive is a natural, why being open minded and allowing freedom is not a natural? *p*

  5. Many times in life we need to understand fine line, balance point. That is missing somehow. *p*

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