Why do we take our partners for granted as time passes by?

Is it due to less excitement, less newness in relationship or is it because of falling energy in our lives as we grow older or something else?

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Arjun Sethia
July 13, 2017


  1. Thats my point. When almost everybody is unhappy in life then how can we expect happiness from others. This is so unfair.*p*

  2. @debashish – kindly find my connents below, in bracket.*p**p*The more we see the world around us, we come to the conclusion with maturity that my partner is the best in the world.*p**p*(My comment – We shudnt play this professional/smart game in personal life. Each human understands this, our partners too. Rather our heart should shout a loud honestly that my partner is best. In this case, i believe, we can win an enemey's heart too. Remember, each human is/was/will desparately hungry of immense love. Pure love reciprocates in same way)*p**p*Over the years we have shared the joys and pain and now we can trust and rely on each other from the core of our hearts. We don't have to prove to the world or to each other every time an event happens. We can safely assume that my partner will stand by me when we need each other most. If over the years he or she hasn't flown the nest, I am sure it will never happen as we grow older. *p**p*(My comment – Last paragraph is not in sync with above mentioned thoughts. Actuallt its reverse. If immense love, joy, trust is there how can he/she won't flow the nest??)*p*

  3. @Arjun, more than painful it's disgusting. May God shower common sense on those who are distracted.*p*

  4. @ankeeta – Its painful to see people are suffering in this game of life. May love & joy should only exist on this planet.*p*

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