Why does he fart and burp loudly?

Why does he fart and burp loudly?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Well, I'd like to say that when he starts farting and burping around you when no one else is around, then he's doing that just because he's really comfortable around you!*p**p*Does he do it in  public too? If yes, you cannot do anything about it because farting is something that no man can control. Burping, yes, he can try to lower his voice a little. But, he cannot stop it once and for all. Give him some time and make him try to lower the intensity of the sound! *p*

  2. Because he thinks he can and you never told him not to. If you're in a relationship and you don't like something which is a pretty universally hated thing then you can actually communicate it with him and ask him whether he can do something about it.So yeah, communicate!*p*

  3. He's comfortable in your presence. But if you don't like it, tell him so nicely. Sometimes I can't help it in front of my wife and apologize. And sometimes she can't help it in front of me as well!*p*

  4. Tell him it's a big turn off and since you still want to remain sexually attracted to him it would be nice if he stepped out of the room and did it. When he can help it*p*

  5. I think he does not feel that it is wrong to fart or burp. You need to tell him that it is really uncomfortable for you or the people around you. He can change that. I don't think it is a huge cause for concern.*p*