Why is drinking an issue with wives whereas the same alcohol brings, popularity, attention and solace to the husband while in company of other people ?

Wives claim to be suffering in a big way as a result of alcohol consumption by husband. The husband is termed insensitive or even abusive, by the wife. But the same man could be extremely successful in the outside world. He may be enviably popular with other ladies and gentlemen. He takes care of the family in all other ways. What could be going wrong and why ?

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June 7, 2017


  1. The ability to handle alcohol varies from person to person. It makes some people lose their inhibitions and behave more pleasantly in company and at home. Others become abusive and violent and inevitably the most convenient target for their ire is their family members, who are more likely to condone their aggressive behaviour.*p**p*It is in the latter case that drinking becomes a domestic issue.*p*