Why is remarriage after divorce such a massive issue in this country?

Why is remarriage after divorce such a massive issue in this country?

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Nitin Kumar
June 7, 2017


  1. Its not exactly remarriage that is the issue, it is the institution of divorce that is the issue.*p**p*People are expected to stay in unfulfilling relationships for the sake of something or the other that is not really important- at least not as important as the fact that people are dragging their marriages.*p**p*We need to first accept divorce as a society*p*

  2. Because in India, you can make an issue of almost anything.  According to our society, anything which was disagreed by our 20th-century mentality can still be disagreed by this age. We are not ready to move on. No matter what. And if you speak anything against them, it can be held up against you on the grounds of morality and culture. *p**p*We need a huge social change. It can be remarriage after divorce, widow remarriage, live in relationship or anything which is a topic of discussion on this website. *p**p*So we need to get above all these 20th-century shenanigans and remodel our life and culture to protect humanity and love. *p*

  3. Because people in India are judgemental about anything that is not accodring to the norms. The Indian mindset is rigid and people are not accepting change. Widow remarriage, thus, becomes a prospect of ridicule to the public consciouness. I do not think that people will stop talking about it as they are inclined to lay their opinion on matters concerning the others. I feel that it is imperative to follow your instincts rather than caring about will others will say. That is the only way to negate the public opinion.*p*

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