Why is women’s infidelity more controversial than a man’s?

Infidelity is infidelity, irrespective of who does it. Then why is it so that when a woman falters, it’s made such a huge deal of? It even goes to the extent of the woman being slut shamed., and people spreading rumors about her, she becomes the topic of gossips… Why?

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Sreetama Basu
June 7, 2017


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  2. Because of the patriarchal society we live in where women are looked downed upon and criticized much more than men. We are yet to accept a woman's sexuality and needs. We just use them the way we want to. But things needs to be changed and it's changing. For women's own and for the society's better mindset too.  *p*

  3. Because we're women and supposed to stick to a code of conduct- rigid, archaic, patriarchal diktats- determined by men who lived in the age of dinosaurs. Such men and women still exist though.*p*

  4. It is because ironically, the women of our socitey, specially the women upto the generation before us have got accustomed to the thought process that MEN ARE ALLOWED TO COMMIT ACTIONS WHICH WOMEN SHOULD NOT EVEN DREAM OF. men hitting women is common, men flirting with women is accepted, men drinking is natural, men not helping in household work is their birth right, men getting attracted to other women is their hormone reaction, men being the bread earner is their duty. all these if you shall notice will attract controversy if a woman attempts their hand at it. who is to blame here!! lets just look into ourselves first, the men can always be taken care of later!!*p*

  5. A woman is a property- first of the family she is born in and then of the family/guy she is married with. So, the threat of loss of control is just not acceptable to the so called owners of her.*p**p*As for slut shaming, we all are voyeurs. Human mind keeps contemplating the possibility of getting intimate with others. A woman who has broken the shackles of control is an object of interest to people around her as they all take prurient pleasure in the possibility of her getting intimate with others. For guys, she is an object of fantasy and for other women, she represents freedom which they can never claim themselves.*p**p* *p**p* *p*

  6. Blame in on Lord Rama .??? Whose actions inspred males of patrichail society to take a tougher stance on women so that they can continue ruling women!!*p*

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