Why some people does not express their love affectionately to their partner but vent out their anger on them?

I have seen many people behaving rudely to their spouses but very sweet and polite with outsiders.  Whats the reason behind it??

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July 13, 2017


  1. It’s complacency.
    They start treating their partners as a commodity. They feel that whatever they do, their partners are never going to go away. So they show minimal love even though the love may still be there.

  2. After living together4 a long while, v take our partners 4 granted which is acceptable up to a certain limit.  But in any case..watsoever behaving rudely 2 our spouses is not a right thing*p*

  3. After two people have been in a relationship for a considerable amount of time, they start taking each othet for granted as they are in the comfort zone of the relationship.*p**p*That said, appreciating and wooing may not be a necessity for one reason which is lack of insecurity. But the expectations to read and understand the other's moods, worries and preferences are raised all the more. This usually becomes a reason for fights in middle aged couples.*p*

  4. yeah..and it is quite common. ..I know some people who fit well into this category… as far as I have observed, it is mostly due to low self-confidence. They act arrogantly to feel superior.*p*

  5. yes sir ..very true. But after getting continuous insults and rude behaviour from our spouses…naturally the self esteem goes down*p*

  6. yes but the reality is far from it….U have seen many people suffering it. *p*

  7. I feel they take their personal relationships for granted. It is a harsh and bitter truth that I too have witnessed. No relationship should be taken for granted else it starts to decay. Each individual needs appreciation and affection. *p*

  8. 1. Familiarity breeds contempt. Learn to maintain dignity and distance.*p**p*2. Do not allow the spouse to take you for granted.*p**p*3. Learn to command respect.*p**p*4. Improve self worth.*p**p* *p*