Why women have to shift their homes after marriage?

What about parents who have only girl child? Wat about emotional trauma during intial period of new place(husband's home)?Why this injustice to wives? 

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Arjun Sethia
July 13, 2017


  1. Well said aman. But what if girl is supportive and her family is nice to groom, will he shift to girls' home ??*p*

  2. It's been a trend and everyone has been blindly following it since it's a patriarchal world. And the society doesn't mind when something of this sort happens. The rising feminism is talking about it and finally, some of us are actually questioning this who never thought about it as something which can actually be questioned. *p**p*And well, if the husband is supportive enough and the in-laws are nice to the bride then she doesn't have to face any kind of hostility or alienation. *p*

  3. True. But if i check randomly i found more than 80% follow this (girls in boys home). In reality, our society is male dominated.*p*

  4. We live in an open society. This matter can be solved mutually. There is no legal or social restriction against husband living in the girl's home.*p*

  5. Well…we are a patriarchy! But i know some women who never married for this reason and one who moved her mother to her new home! *p*

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