Wife abusing husband

Very pained to stay at a college friend's house for a few days and witness his wife constantly verbally abusing him. She taunts and throws jabs whatever he does and is never satisfied. What was once a fun, loving guy has now become an insecure and unhappy shadow of himself. I want to help him but don't know how. I tried talking to him but he withdraws into a shell the moment I mention his marriage or his wife. What can I do?

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June 7, 2017


  1. There is not much that you can do. *p**p*All you can do is to stay connected with your friend. *p**p*Try to build up his self esteem by reminding him of all the awesome work he has done. *p**p*Make sure that he doesn't blame himself for his wife's behavior. *p*

  2. It's a difficult situation for the man ..and he will be averse to discuss it with anyone as that means to acknowledge his plight …the best way is to wait till it dawns on it himself to do something about it and then suggest ways how to go about it …that is the only help one can do !!*p*

  3. We lose what we are good at when our partner constantly bring us down. You are right….we must keep reminding them what they are good at! *p*

  4. Dear ajay what do you want to do. *p**p*1 break their marriage*p**p*2 give him gyaan which he doesn't probably want*p**p*3 talk to his wife and hopefully she will not listen to you and if you are lucky  ?? she might not be abusive but could also be. *p**p*4 best not to meddle in your friends affairs. Take him out for a drink and when he gets sufficiently tanked up give him the nb of a happening escort service from the net because I am sure you don't have it. ????*p*

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