Will any man accept a partner with her past???

We live in a society where men are not questioned about their past but women are expected to have no past relationships. How fair do you think this is??? Can’t a man accept a women with her past without any questions or doubts just like women do???

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June 7, 2017


  1. Well, there is a reason why it’s called past.the only thing one can claim and know for certain is the present, which is also true for relationships.people change infact life changes people, which means that your partner may not be the same person now as they were before.sometimes in one lifetime people can live different lives owing to their experiences.*p*Everybody has a story and the fact that you were not part of it , should set both you and your partner free from any kind of judgement.starting afresh in life is possible and for real!

  2. Both need to accept each other and if not, both need to leave each other…even if either one isn’t willing to accept the other’s past; irrespective of gender.

  3. Doing this will be totally unfair on my part. What audacity is this that men are not asked about the past but women are? This shows the maturity level of people around us in this environment. Each and every one have their own space and freedom for everything, it’s their own life. You have no rights to ask the opposite sex about the past when you both want to bond into one and move on with a new life, which we call as the 2nd innings. Judging one is really bad, and one should know it. Keeping in mind the freedom you get in this generation, you know what self respect is, and also know what self freedom be like. When a women leaves everything and accepts the way you are, why don’t you do that? Personally, I would accept no matter what her past is. Present counts, not the past. Love now, live for the future.

  4. One hundred percent unfair but our society has many such deep-rooted, biased and totally wrong conceptions. Actually, if you see the history no country or religion was different regarding women’s right or cultural rules. They have changed themselves fast, we are slow. At the better side, our society is also changing and I know some cases where ‘so called’ past histories were not questioned.

  5. I think men are better at accepting their partner’s ex than women. Women feel more insecure but obviously it is far more subjective than just being about gender.

  6. When men have a past, it has to be with a woman! What is the fuss about? If a man had a relationship with some woman, how can he not accept a new partner with a past relationship with another man?

  7. It’s not fair of course. There’s nothing wrong with having a past. Both need to decide if they want to know or not. Either they both share their story or don’t ask each other at all

  8. “People” should not be judged by their past and the relationship they have had before. Questioning and judging a person based on his/her past relationships is of course not the right option. If you are in love with some one , you take his/her whole into account and if a man doubts a woman over her past relationships, it should act as a blessing in disguise for the latter as she would get rid of a man who might raise the issue and attack her for the rest of the relationship.