WIll you forgive your spouse/partner if he or she admits to the affair on their own?

The possibility of an outside affair always exists in a marriage. We are human beings after all and are prone to look for new love interest sooner or later. Few will actually carry it through also, cheating their spouse for this new love and excitement in life.
However, few dare to admit their cheating to their partner even long after it is over. Yet, some will realise their folly and may confess to their partner about their affair. My question is: If your lover/spouse admits to his mistake and asks for your forgiveness on their own, will you be able to forgive them.

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Saurabh Dalal
August 11, 2017


  1. acmann666 your reply shows how most of us who are cheated upon react. We blame ourselves if our partner has cheated. We blame our love as incapable of stopping our partner from cheating. This approach will only lead to more sorrow and sadness in our life.
    Instead, we must understand and focus that when somebody cheats, it’s just not our fault alone. Stop looking for flaws in ourselves. Cheating happens due to a variety of reasons. In most of the marriages, it’s often because the cheater himself or herself suffers from a lack of self esteem and fails to value the existing relationships. The sheer boredom and monotony (which is self inflicted) in their lives drives them into taking the risk of adultery.

  2. Depends on the individual. Personally, for me it would be difficult. After all, for some it is a tender and precious relationship. We put effort, love and care to make it smooth. Loyalty and mutual respect is foundation. If one cannot remain faithful to one’s spouse then it is a matter of shame. Forgiveness can be done only if there is something left worth fighting for. And when all your trust has been broken, and your love has proved incapable, what more is there to fight for?

  3. Perhaps I will. It won’t be easy but if they have decided to come clean and want to atone, then it is possible I will give him another chance.

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