Would I be wrong to expect that my husband discusses before lending a big amount to anybody, even family?

Would I be wrong to expect that my husband discusses before lending a big amount to anybody, even family?

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Swati Mehra
July 13, 2017


  1. Why only lending money? Partners should discuss even buying a dress. Deeper comnmunication shows how deeply you both are connected.*p*

  2. Indians are very family oriented and we always help out during tough times.*p**p*But yes, you do have a right to know a few things when your husband lends money to family -*p**p*Can you both actually afford it or is he taking out a bank loan to bail out his family.*p**p*Is the money being lent for an actual emergency or is it just for lifestyle. Sometimes people take huge loans just to pay for a family marriage. This is something you should watch against.*p*

  3. I think he should discuss. It is important for a couple to be financially transparent in a relationship as things can get bitter. And the wife should also be open about her financial decisions. If the husband is indeed hiding giving money to his family, maybe that shows that he feels his wife does not support his family. Something worth looking into.*p*

  4. The responsibility of running a household depends on your husband as well as you and money plays a crucial role in the same, so it's always good to know where the hard-earned money is being spent or to whom it's been lent. It prepares you for future budgeting. Discussions plays an important part and broadens the perspective.*p*

  5. Not wrong. But he manages things wisely and nobody runs away with his money then it's cool. Like he's weighed the pros and cons properly and going into the decision. So, don't worry. But don't hesitate to reach out to him whenever you think you should and point out something which you think he's missed. *p*

  6. I feel like when two people are together specially a married couple, most important decisions should be taken together be it finances, child rearing or home care. Its always good to get your partner's opinion and consent so no, i dont think you are wrong in having such expectations!*p*

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