Yes, No, Yes No and the blame game goes on

She says Yes, He says No, She says No He says Yes, How long will it go on for? who raises the white flag and when?

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Karthik Subramanian
June 7, 2017


  1. Sometimes, you need to bend for the sake of your relationship

  2. Compromise is never a good solution. Finding a common ground to agree on is difficult, however, both the parties should assert their opinions and respect the other’s perspective. Confrontation and an unbiased mediator should help to put an end to theblame game.

  3. Try getting a neutral party involved. Even a counsellor, maybe. It is better to clear things out. Such confusion can only be a ticking bomb

  4. One word : Confrontation. You need a direct confrontation in these cases. That too at a place where both of them can speak freely about their feelings. So, the one who needs an answer should stand for it.

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