You think too much!

Whenever our partners cannot handle our intensity they say ‘don’t think too much’..thoughts, comments people?

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Raksha Bharadia
June 7, 2017


  1. Depends. Sometimes the ‘intensity’ is imagined in the sense it could be an overreaction to a situation. At that time, a partner’s calming effect can do a world of good. Having said that, a moment of empathy can actually be healing.

  2. When the roles are reversed , give the other spouse the taste of the same medicine!*p**p*They should find time and communicate clearly. *p**p*Problems can't be ushered under the carpet by " you think too much.." tossed your way.*p*

  3. Aren’t you again thinking ‘too’ much about thinking ‘too’ much? HaHa kidding! I cannot answer this because I hardly think/worry about stuff, but my husband does. He assumes because I dont think I am careless and not very responsible, so telling you the other side of the story too..

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