How divorce changed a woman’s life

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Divorce can break someone from the inside and leave them astray in life’s journey. This is the story about Indu Khattar who was once devastated by Divorce and picked herself up and lead her way to happiness. Konkana from Bonobology tells the story of this brave woman.

Divorce is a thing that can leave anyone completely shattered and disheartened. People from all walks of life have experienced the dreadfulness of divorce be it celebrities or ordinary people. There are divorced women’s stories that focus on their struggle and freedom post-divorce. Here in this video, Konkana from Bonobology is going to discuss a woman named Indu Khattar, who talks about the adversities that divorce brought her way and how she fought it out.

Divorced women in India

In India, divorce is still considered an insult as far a woman is concerned. Women are suddenly deprived of all the financial as well as emotional security which comes along with the institution of marriage. The worst fact about a divorced woman in India is that they do not know their rights after the marriage is over. They are unsure of life after divorce.

After divorce

Indu was married back in the year 1984 and after four months she got divorced. She didn’t lose strength and courage but believed in herself in order to start a garment business that flourished and she could also take care of her dad’s ailing health. She now visits different countries and has a lot of friends.

A divorced woman’s story

Life is not like a mess that seems to be in the first few initial days. Life after divorce brings opportunities too. You do things which you could not do when bound by the institution of marriage. Start from the very beginning and do not let the societal pressure put you down in any way.

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