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Divorce gave us a chance to enjoy our sex lives

Since they had been friends from childhood, everyone expected them to have the perfect marriage. But then their sex life became a problem
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(As told to Joie Bose)

As childhood friends we were supposed to have the perfect marriage

Ours was a childhood friendship which culminated in marriage when we both became marriageable. In fact, Tulika and I went to the same university for masters, she in psychology and I in mass communication, and that was after we got married! We were in the second year of our college when we got married. I wanted to become a filmmaker and she a professor. We were quite typical.

Since we both came from well-to-do families, there was no immediacy for us to earn. But there was an immediacy for marriage, since the society was not looking at our friendship kindly. I spent too much time at her house or she spent too much time at mine, people were saying. But I really liked her company and she mine. We were in the same debating society and we were always debating. About everything. But no one got what we had. In fact, even we were too young to get what we had. So when our parents proposed our marriage, needless to say, we were elated and thus readily agreed. We thought what we had was love – the mature adult love.

We thought what we had was love – the mature adult love.

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  1. My notification said “We had a horrible sex life. ” I open it and it says Divorce gave us a chance to dot dot dot. Why couldn’t it just say that instead of what was sent? I still would have read it because I enjoy these stories.

  2. I don’t like that most of the time your title is never the heading when I open the link. It always has me thinking I’m about to read the wrong notification.

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