Do You?

Do you remember about our park? The one where most of our time spent? Where all our fights were resolved? Where most of our kisses happened? Where we talked from sunrise to sunset? Yes, that one! Every time when I cross our park, I miss you. Do you?

We were not together for the much of time but in that little time we had so many memories and to remember that, we clicked so many pictures. From us in function to you trying my blazer, I have everything. Every time I go through our old photographs, I miss you. Do you?

I see all those gifts you’ve given me in the past daily decorating shelf of my room. Those cute little handmade basket, magic mug, picture key-chain and that tremendous piece of creativity in the form of card, all of them are amazing. Every time when I see those gifts of yours, I miss you. Do you?

I know how much you love rain and I hated that. You love when those little pearl from sky touches your body but the fear of lightning is only known to me. I remember how hard you hugged me when thunder came down with rain once. I know your habit of holding hands during lightning. Every time when lightning strike during rain, I miss you. Do you?

I still remember when you sent your favorite song and we were just friends then. You always listened that song when you’re sad. I never knew why that sad song was your favorite but since then I always tried my best to never let you listen that song again. Every time I listen your favorite song now, I miss you. Do you?

When you became my life, your name engraved in the base of my heart. I always tried to never notice your name but as people say, ‘the one you try to avoid will haunt you the most’. Every time when I hear your name, I miss you. Do you?

Since we became a thing, you occupied a place in my heart and when you left, you didn’t just leave, you also left an empty place in my heart. That empty place produced a feeling and every time when I feel an empty feeling inside my heart, I miss you. Do you?

Nights are difficult than days. Days are not easy though but they are occupied by work. At night and specially before sleep it is hard not to think about you, not to think about us. Every night before I close my eyes I miss you and I know you don’t.


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