Struggles and Scars

Does the humble little crab have an important relationship advice?

Sometimes it is best to dig in your heels and wait for the rough tide to sweep over

I was walking on the beach. The sun was about to set and the setting was picture perfect. The rapidly changing hues of the sky as it turned melancholic by the minute, bidding its lover, the sun adieu. The cool breeze carrying with it the refreshing scent of the flora around it, the engulfing sound of the waves against the shore, the rush of the soft sand and sun-soaked water soothing our feet with its warmth, and the endless spread of the ocean. Indeed, the scene couldn’t be more picturesque. There is something overwhelming about an evening on the beach, it simply does not allow you to wallow in self, be it in pity or complaints, be it in narcissism or future planning or strategizing. It simply consumes and all one can feel is the sense of being one with the elements, even if for a few fleeting moments. Yes, a walk on the beach has always made me aware of the paradox that defines, confines and releases us all at the same time. That the universe is too large and I, too insignificant, but then I am an essential part of the large and hence in that sense I am eternal too. It was during one such walk that I saw yet another gem.

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