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Don’t Do This To Your Daughter

Don’t read fairytales to your daughter, because somewhere, you will ignite in her a dream that will never be fulfilled.

Teach her to be kind, to be generous, but not so much that she gives all of herself to someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate it.

Don’t tell your daughter that “boys will be boys” because she will grow up to believe that “men will be men” and forgive way more than she should.

Teach her to love, but also teach her to set boundaries. Do not let her fall for the romantic ideal of a love without limitations – it is extremely unlikely that she will find someone who will love her back the same.

Don’t make finding the love of her life an ambition for her. Teach her to aim for an education, a career, because as a wise woman once said – her career will not wake up one morning and tell her that it doesn’t love her anymore.

Teach her to value herself, and teach her to weed those who don’t value her out of her life.

Don’t let her end up always putting others first, and wondering why they don’t do the same for her.

You may feel like you’re teaching your daughter to be loving and accommodating, so she is able to build great relationships in future, give as much as relationships, marriage and motherhood require, but someday, a man is going to turn around and tell her she lacks ambition, yell at her to stop nagging and lose interest in her while she is still completely invested in him.

Teach her to love herself, to be comfortable in her own skin and to be invested in her own ambitions, because somewhere, the boy she will grow up to fall in love with has learnt the same.

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