As we don’t get along, my wife keeps threatening me

Our different backgrounds are causing marital problems and my wife is threatening legal action
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I got married in November 2016 in Delhi. It was an arranged marriage. Soon problems began to arise, as we were unable to understand each other. We are from totally different backgrounds. Our family values and thinking are different. Now, she and her family are targeting my mother for the problems, saying that she is responsible for all the misunderstandings. But the real problem is that we aren’t able to match each other’s ambitions. My wife is also pregnant now. How can we survive a lifetime if we don’t love or at least understand each other? My in-laws try to dominate us and threatened to file a false dowry case and ruined my career and the lives of my family. I don’t know what to do.

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Looking at the facts that you list, it seems that the problems can be sorted out

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