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“Aren’t you the one who left her husband after his road accident?” I sat myself next to my cousin on the family dining table and looked into her eyes. We had grown together in this very house in a joint family system yet our worlds had different dynamics now.

After my education ten years back, I had shifted to Canada for better job prospects, where I had met and married my Canadian boyfriend. Whereas Debjani had done her PhD from Kolkata university and had a late marriage.

She was the one with saucer eyes and a slim waist. Her natural dark hair hugged her from behind. Hers was an arranged wedding with a top Kolkata based corporate honcho. However, her separation soon after made her a hot topic of our family WhatsApp group.

Her poor husband had lost a limb in a car accident, followed by losing his high profile job. As if that was not enough, Debjani too had walked off on him.

“Hi Anu, how are you? Long time right?” I must say her manners were impeccable.

“You can’t avoid questions after all the fanfare that followed your wedding. I still have pictures of that banana leaf wedding invitation card from your wedding”, I said with my eyes fixed on her.

“We all make the mistake of confusing wedding grandeur with a good marriage”, she made a remorseless statement.

“Darling, you should not have left your husband over an accident and a loss of job. A marriage is all about good and bad times” I joined my brows and disjointed myself from the ease that her presence was extruding.

“You got yourself a point there and a point tends to poke, valid or otherwise. But you wouldn’t know that, would you, my little sister?” Her stress was on the word sister.

“I accept, my husband went through a lot of physical pain and his anger pangs, anxiety attacks and stages of depression escaped many sympathetic observations”, she whispered.

“But what escaped both observation and discussion was that he refused me to function as his wife, as his friend or even as his nurse. I turned a zero in his life. Not like I lost a position. I had nothing except an identity that marriage brings to women”, she smiled.

“There, he was struggling to survive the situation and alongside I was strangling my emotions. One day, I realised he didn’t need me but I still needed myself. That’s when I walked out on my marriage and not walked off like you suggested. There’s a difference.”

At times, life is unfair.

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