Don’t do these things after a breakup

woman sad crying is the couple-relationship destination for Indians everywhere!

Getting over a breakup is not an easy task whatsoever. You reveal your true self to someone, confide in them and dream of a future together, and then all that shatters. You are at a loss after a breakup.

People obviously have varying coping mechanisms to deal with this pain but what they fail to understand is that some of their ways could do them more harm than good.

Don’t do these things after a breakup

Building a wall around yourself will not protect you from future harm, it’ll only bring you isolation. We, humans, are social beings. We crave, desire and need the human touch, hugs, kisses and cuddles. We need to be around people. To talk. To feel. To emote. If one forcibly blocks oneself it’ll not be healthy at all.

What you should do

Talking to friends and family, going out and doing things is far better than actually sitting down and wallowing in the pain you feel. There is no magic potion to cure your pain but at least there can be healthy distractions.

What most people don’t realise is how badly they cling on to the sliver of hope that things might work out, their ex might come back and they could have their happily ever after. While that can truly happen if it has to, it makes no sense hoping for it.

Why waste your precious hours hoping and wishing for someone who let you go? The grief is understandable, but to have a hope at the back of your mind, that perhaps someday this could all be reversed could be futile. It’ll hamper your growth. It’ll be detrimental to your process of getting over your ex.

There’s no guidebook for breakup survival tips but you’ll stumble and learn along the way. Allow that process to happen organically.

Watch the video for all the things you should not do after a breakup!


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