Dr. Prashant Bhimani

Dr Prashant Bhimani is a renowned senior Psychologist of Gujarat. He is practising for more then last 27 years in Ahmedabad. He is also an eminent educational psychologist, relationship counsellor and Hypnotherapist of international repute. 

He is also a weekly columnist in Divya-Bhaskar daily for more than 14 years. 

He has also authored 5 books. Along with the transcreation of Arvind Adiga’ s famous Booker prize winner novel ‘The White Tiger’ in gujarati, his other popular titles are 

– Man Durasti

– Hu ane Tu  

– Positive Parenting 

and the latest release.   ‘Healthy Minds’.

Gold medallist of Gujarat University Dr. Bhimani delivers talks, seminars and workshops on

– Stress Management 

– Emotional Growth 

– Motivation 

– Hypnosis 

– Relationship


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