Dudes are shy on dates

The biggest problem of dudes is that they shy away. I don’t know how common it is or how singular it is, but I know one thing; almost all folks face this problem. Oh please girls, don’t argue with this statement, I can’t understand your expressions but I know that after reading this article, you are going to giggle and it will help you to learn a guy’s state of mind.

The story goes back to 2006, when I was in first year of college. I was a geek who was downright into books and secretly used to worship beautiful girls of college but lacked the guts to speak my mind.

Maybe solving an electrical circuit with required voltage and current was way easier than approaching a hot girl.

Mostly, in the first year of college, young boys and girls try to pair up and 70 per cent of them do check out the options available.

I had a strong crush on a girl who was my classmate and I liked her because of her mellowness in behavior and ability to handle difficult situations. What I liked in her were the things which I needed and made mine the totally opposite personality of hers. Do opposite charges attract each other? Ah, the engineer inside me always keeps comparing it with electrical notions. Now you know what a nerd I was.

man shy
Shy man on his first date

My crush and I used to have really long tête-à-têtes about several things from morning till evening. The best part was, she used to love talking to me and the worst part was I used to be silent because I used to waste time thinking, should I say or should I keep my mouth shut.

Days passed, then a couple of months and finally the month of internals began. The mecca for all dedicated students, where beautiful girls who are good at management and filled with leadership skills extract knowledge out of us. She finally asked me for a date, a ‘study date’.

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She asked me to bunk the electronics and devices lab period and to come up with her to library where we can study together. How could I say NO? Straight away I agreed to bunk for the first time ever in my student life, that too with my crush. We went to the library and sat together. Now, this is the point where the introversion comes into play. My drawback led to my student instinct and I started teaching her the chapters which were supposed to come in the exam.

Her shoulder was sinking, I knew she was getting bored but my lack of experience and poor research on dates of other people led to a downfall.

She took out her cell and texted someone. I thought she was just texting randomly to some arbitrary friend.

Boys are the biggest backstabbers; they will never turn up for a fella on time as compared to when a girl calls. Her friend appeared within ten minutes and took her away in front of my eyes. She was going away and my heart was plummeting like it was Russian submarine ‘K-19 the Widow maker’. She was feeling relaxed like Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met felt after catching the train on time. The lesson learnt was punitive, so unforgiving that I can’t even discuss it with you. The scars of my first unsuccessful date are still there on my heart which cannot be undone by even a successful heart transplant. Probably, this is the crush story of every shy guy on this planet whose crush succeeds in crushing his emotions.

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