What are the duties and rights of a stepfather?

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Q: I am a single guy willing to marry a divorcee girl with a 2-year-old son. Currently she has custody of her son. She is living with her parents and they take care of their grandchild. They are willing to take care of him even after our marriage. However, I need advice as to rights and duties of a stepfather, just to be clear on the legal aspects. She did not claim alimony in her divorce but the judge provided the son with a right in the property of his biological father. I did my own research and found that the Gujarat High Court delivered a judgement that the stepfather does not have the responsibility for the maintenance of a stepson and that the stepson cannot have a claim on the stepfather’s property. However, I request your professional opinion. Thank you very much.

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A: If the stepson lives with you and is a minor, then his maintenance will be your responsibility.

But legally, the stepson does not have any right or interest in your property.


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