Eight things you need to know about soon-to-be married Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja

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With Sonam Kapoor and beau Anand Ahuja wedding slated to happen on 8th of May, the couple is in the news – and for all the good reasons. After weeks of will-it-happen or will-it-not-happen, a joint statement by both the Kapoors and the Ahujas put the rumours to rest and confirmed the wedding dates. The families have also requested the media to respect their privacy, and the wedding is said to be an intimate affair.

Anand Ahuja, who owns the label Bhane, has been often spotted with the Kapoor girl – be it at the wedding of her cousin Mohit Marwah or the funeral of Sridevi. The two have been posting their pictures on social media making the fans really await the big, fat wedding. Let’s know a bit more about the trending couple.

Things we know about Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s relationship

Social media is all abuzz about the latest celeb wedding, this time the rumoured nuptials of star Sonam Kapoor to her beau Anand Ahuja. One look at the Kapoor’s house and you can feel the wedding vibes – the house is dazzling with lights and music. We do know quite a bit of both the star and the entrepreneur, but what do we know about their story? We give you the well-guarded details below!

1.  The love between a commoner and a princess of Bollywood

In 2016 Sonam Kapoor was spotted with someone unknown at a party thrown by Akshay Kumar to celebrate Rustom’s success. Sonam and her Mr Unknown were clicked while partying with guests, including the most important guest, Will Smith. The rumour mill worked overtime to find the identity of Mr Unknown. Very soon it was found out he is Anand Ahuja, an entrepreneur from Delhi.

Sonam belongs to the Kapoor clan, one of the most powerful families in Bollywood. She has been a celebrity since her birth. She re-affirmed her position by being a successful actress and the style icon of her generation. No one expected her to be serious about someone out of the limelight like Anand.

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2. Things got serious

Media took the relationship seriously from December 2016. It was the 60th birthday bash of Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor and there was an intimate celebration in London with family and close friends. And guess who was there celebrating with the closed circle of Kapoors? Anand!

3. Tight-lipped in front of the media but PDA on social media

Sonam has always maintained her private and personal life is private and personal. She has never talked about her relationships. But that has never stopped Sonam and Anand from showing lots of PDA on social media. Their vacation pictures, mutual admiration and cute nothings can be seen regularly in both of their Instagram accounts.

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4. Already part of the family

Anand has become a part of Sonam’s family. He is a permanent fixture in all Kapoor family gatherings.

5. Being there for each other for their careers

Anand was with Sonam to give her moral support when she received the national award for Neerja. Sonam received the award while the two most important men in her life cheered for her in audience, Anand and her father. Sonam supports Anand by sometimes wearing outfits from his brand in her public appearances.

6. Matching of style and fitness quotient

Anand is becoming a big name in athleisure wear. Sonam has an understanding of fashion. Apart from fashion, they also share interests of fitness routines and outdoor activities.

7. Falling in love with Geneva

Recently, Sonam was in Geneva, Switzerland for a brand endorsement. She instantly fell in love with the place and decided to get married there. Her wish is, of course, a command for beau Anand. So it was decided they will have a destination wedding.

8. The nation is waiting for the May wedding

Both the Ahuja and Kapoor families have been busy shopping for the wedding for a few months, although the date and place were not fixed. Now the place is fixed. The traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies will be held spread over two days, 11th and 12th May. Father Anil Kapoor is inviting guests personally. Venues of the ceremonies are booked. The mass bookings for flights are to be done very soon. The engagement ceremony venue has not been disclosed.

The media and social media are full of speculations and anticipations about the ceremonies. We are expecting a repeat of the Internet breaking, like last year’s destination wedding of Virushka.

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