Emotionally disturbing questions women face when they say no to motherhood!

Having children is not just a simple item on a check list of married life. It is a big decision, a personal one at that.

Having children is a deeply personal decision to be discussed by the couple alone. It must certainly not be a mere checklist item to be ticked, just because. If a woman, decides that she chooses to not have children, it must be respected. It is her body and her choice. Women on the other hand must inform their future partners of the decision to prevent disturbance to the relationship later.

The top five emotionally disturbing and intrusive questions women face when they say no to motherhood are:

What is your parents had decided to not bring you into this world?
Don’t you know that becoming a mother is the greatest joy of being a woman?
How can you deny your husband the joy of being a father?
Who will look after you in old age?
Who will carry on your family name once you die?

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