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Euphoria of a fictitious meet

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Long distance relationships are unimaginably difficult. On top of that, if you are an engaged couple staying apart then all hell breaks loose from time to time.

My fiance and I have managed to spend years after years apart from each other. We are like the champions of long distance relationship. We have had our fair share of both smooth and rough days. On certain days, it was almost too much to bear but again, what kept us moving on were the sweet promises of a never- ending future together, the blind trust (sounds cheesy but utterly true), the short but beautiful visits to each other’s cities, the romantic video calls and all other corny yet essential gestures to keep this miles apart relationship alive.

My birthday was just around the corner. Like every other birthdays and anniversaries, this time too I was expecting only gifts from my fiance because physical availability of my man in mine or our special occasions has always been a distant dream. Can’t just blame him, I am guilty too. So both of us would go the extra mile to select out of the box presents for each other on such occasions.It somehow, although, not completely compensated our absence. So with me trying to keep my birthday as low-key as possible I was eagerly waiting for my precious gift.

 One fine day, a week ahead of my birthday, my best friend blurted out,”WHAT IF HE IS PLANNING TO GIVE YOU A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY VISIT?” Ohh please, this isn’t going to happen, I quickly retorted. To that,with a sly smile on her face, my best friend replied, “You never know!” YOU NEVER KNOW, the words lingered around me for the rest of the day. This particular friend is very close to my fiance. The two of them have together plotted for many amazing surprises for me. So what if this time this is it?

That night I couldn’t shut my eyes, I didn’t want to pester my best friend to know more and here I was already planning a dream birthday date with my fiance. In the following days, a few pieces of the puzzle starting coming together which was making it certain that something was up for sure. My fiance was staying aloof, our calls were shorter than usual, his mom wasn’t certain of his date of flight (he was supposed to visit home after a few days), my best friend kept ranting the same thing etc.etc. I was unquestionably happy! Was this really happening?

A day before my birthday. Two parcels arrived. My heart sank! I couldn’t make myself look at the invoice. But there it was, my fiance’s name clean and clear. SNAP! I toppled down to the ground in dismay. What was I even thinking? The poor guy was aloof because of his humongous submissions and exam updates. Life at IIM is not to fool around. He was a living zombie trying to cope up with deadlines and presentations and here, I was imagining the unimaginable. I was laughing hard mocking my own foolishness and at the same time, waterworks came in because I did want him to be with me.

But wait, it wasn’t over yet! Euphoria of my fictitious meet continued as I knew he was going home two days later, so what if his itinerary included my city too? My birthday was gone but a belated surprise, maybe. GOD! HOW TENACIOUS WERE MY IMAGINATIONS? So once again I started prepping for his arrival without even dropping him a hint. On the D-Day morning, I woke up early with a startle. There were three text messages from my fiance. “THIS IS IT”, I thought to myself. I read the first text. “I AM IN DELHI, LOVE TO YOU!” I freaked out. Was I dreaming? He is really here. I dropped my phone and jumped right into my closet to get dressed up. Right then, a thought crossed my mind. Why hasn’t he called me? What was written in the other two texts? I picked up my phone and checked the remaining messages.”IT’S A CONNECTING FLIGHT AND I AM JUST HERE FOR THE NEXT 45 MINUTES. AFTER THAT I WILL BE HOME BOUND. I LOVE YOU AND  WILL SEE YOU VERY SOON!”


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  1. There was a beautiful flow in the story which kept me engaged despite my general tendency to move away from love story articles. Your writing style is very good. It has a unique aspect to it, what exactly, I am unable to find a term myself. Please keep writing. I will look forward to this particular style in other topics as well.. all the best, and i must say, your tenacity is admirable 🙂

  2. May you and your Panda lead a very colourful life and not a black & white life like a real Panda ? Good luck and don’t forget to invite me in the wedding ?

  3. Sweet thoughts ..Well! I loved how you expressed your innocent thoughts, I could totally put my self there !☺️..

    ❤️Stories are always so deary!

    Good luck on your next one .

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