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Every April when the Nor’westers strike, I remember her

Abhijit Gadre walks down the memory lane and reminisces about his first brush with romance
Every April when the Nor'westers strike I remember her

Higher Secondary was the final examination that we took at my school. Those were the last few days when we were required to wear the uniform and attend extra classes. Naturally, I would be late catching the tram home. That is when I saw her for the first time.

She would come to the same tram stop and would get down at the stop where I would. Then she would walk away in another direction towards her home. I never followed her to find out where she stayed, in spite of my burgeoning curiosity to do so. But I saw her everyday and  soon it became a ritual.

She wore a headscarf and I would wonder why- was she bald? Or did she fear losing her hair?

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