Excuses to not make tea for husband

Couple in bed, having tea

Looking for a fair division of labour in tea-making?

Who makes tea at the end of the day? Should it ‘always’ be the wife?

Here are some excuses you can use to get out of the unfair daily chai duty! Tell the husband:

1. ‘I was thinking I’ll try tea with flax seeds today, because they have Omega 3…’

2.’Sweetie, I gave away the sugar to next-door aunty because I’ve decided we’re going on a sugar-free diet.’

3. ‘Did you read that report in< the paper today about how they’re adding talcum powder to milk nowadays?’

4. ‘Do you know how many germs can collect in< the cracks in< the porcelain of the average teacup?’

5. I read this report today about how coffee is always the more sophisticated drink…’

…it’s alright! The mister can make the tea for the missus too while she freshens up… Look at her, So HAPPY! Totally worth it!

What say Husband ji, Feel like making dinner too?

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