Devaleena Ghosh

Devaleena Ghosh is a Clinical Psychologist with a specialization in Family Therapy, working in the area of relationship challenges and management. She graduated from Sophia College Mumbai and did her Master's and MRes from Manchester University. Founder of the Kornash The Lifestyle Management School, the first Preventive Mental Health Center in Eastern India in Kolkata. Since 2003, Devaleena has been a consulting psychologist & psychotherapist. She has conducted several motivation, empowerment & self-growth training programs. Her scope of work is reflected in over 5,000 women that she has addressed through individual and group therapy.

husband feeling lonely in marriage

11 Tips To Deal With Loneliness After Breakup And Find Support

The aftermath of the breakup is worse than the breakup itself. People experience many conflicting emotions in a short span of time. Overwhelmed, hurting, and directionless, they are engulfed by profound loneliness. But what can be done in such a situation? How can one deal with loneliness after a breakup and find support?

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