Geetarsh Kaur

Founder - The Skill School Communication/ Image/ Etiquette/ Dating Coach

manipulative boyfriend

15 Subtle Signs Of A Manipulative Boyfriend

A healthy relationship revolves around mutual love, understanding, trust and respect. It is a two-way street. But, unfortunately, people tend to exploit and take advantage of these emotions for their benefit.

How to hug someone

Your Guide To The Basics Of Hug Etiquette

In this article, dating coach Geetarsh Kaur tells us all we need to know about hugging. Let’s help you make sure you don’t end up needing to change your name and move to a different country after a failed hug.

First date body language

5 Things To Analyze In Your First Date’s Body Language

In this article, dating coach Geetarsh Kaur,  founder of The Skill School which specializes in building stronger relationships, talks about how you can catch the signs that a first date went well by just noticing their body language. 

Fight Against Body Shaming

Body Positivity Vs Society – Fight Against Body Shaming: Geetarsh Kaur & Raksha Bharadia

Body shaming is bullying, there is absolutely no doubt about it. But over time, it has become this sort of bullying that has become widely accepted in some cultures. From parents to extended family members to your very own school friends, one undergoes some kind of body shaming at least once in their life. It …

Body Positivity Vs Society – Fight Against Body Shaming: Geetarsh Kaur & Raksha Bharadia Read More »

signs of a confident man

The 18 Signs Of A Confident Man That Women Look For

A study revealed that women rank qualities such as self-confidence, intelligence and education as higher in attractiveness as compared to men. The most multifaceted of these is confidence; there are many qualities of a self-assured person and hence, ‘confidence’ is an umbrella term. Today we’re going to talk about what confidence is comprised of.

strong relationship tips

15 Tips That Keep A Relationship Strong And Happy

A relationship is a constant work in progress where both parties have to put in an effort day after day. While you are the best judge of what your relationship needs, a little expert advice can certainly help you build a good relationship with your partner.

Why am I single

Why Am I Single? 11 Reasons You Might Still Be Single

Being single has its perks, but if you’re out there looking for the love of your life, it can go from “I can do whatever I want!” to “I just want to do whatever I want with someone I love” very quickly. Why you’re still single doesn’t have to be a mystery, however. Let’s put out detective hats on and get into solving it right away!

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