Fabrics of Love

Red blue and yellow textile

Ever since Ayushmaan and Shankari have bidden farewell to Pondicherry University, looking back at the good old Cupid days has been a bittersweet affair. The new love birds have been terrified of entering the testing phase that comes sooner or later for every couple: Long Distance Relationship. While Ayushmaan had to leave for Bangalore to complete his internship, Shankari had to join her new job in Chennai. Initially, they did what everyone else did – detailed chats over the Jio Sim, video calling over WhatsApp or Skype, they even wrote letters to each other! Somehow, all these attempts were proving vain to lift off that heavy weight that was slowly pressing onto their hearts.

Once all the normal methods of healing started losing their charm, they decided to try a little craziness. So, one clear sky-blue morning, Ayushmaan put on his neatly pressed Blue kurta and Shankari, a flower- patterned Mustard Coloured Kurti. But what remedy, after all, did a piece of cloth hold?

“As a woman, the Mustard Coloured Kurti holds a special significance for me. It gave me my first blush, you see,” said Shankari, recalling their earliest memories of being together.

The Mustard Coloured Kurti was deliberately forgotten because it reminded her how much Ayushmaan loved her seeing in it, and the very thought of him not being there while she adorned it, choked her. But out of some wild instinct, she knew that cure lay in her source of torment. And no sooner had she put on the kurti, she broke into a smile as if Ayushmaan had whispered the same words all over again: “You look great in it!”

The Blue Kurta, however, carries memories of that sombre day when both stood atop the Pondicherry Lighthouse, watching over the vast blue ocean below. A wistful Ayushmaan confessed, “It was a beautiful day with a beautiful girl. Yet for some strange reason, we were sad as well- the kind of sadness that comes once all good things are over.”

Therefore the Blue Kurta also met a similar fate, lying in the bottom of his suitcase, because of its farewell memories. Having vouched for their wild instinct already, Ayushmaan also retrieved his kurta. No sooner had he put it on, a missing chunk of memory fluttered in – it was also the last time they had looked into each other’s eyes sending in a mental ‘I love you’.

The fabrics of love continued to be in fashion for an entire week. A Green Shirt -that received a few compliments from Ayushmaan’s colleagues; which had been the couple’s first choice for his interview and remained forever as the lucky one. A Faded Green Kurti – one which Shankari always wore, whenever she was in a dressing-up dilemma, on days she wanted to be at peace and on days she was her simple best with Ayushmaan. A Purple Kurta – the night they sat under the stars on a bench dreaming about their future together.

Days after the success of their little love experiment, a delighted Ayushmaan gave Shankari a call: “I am coming to Chennai, I got a new job.”

This young couple wants to share their experience with all the couples in a Long Distance Relationship: Never to allow distance to drill a hole in your relationship. Reliving the past memories, may not always be a source of ache. Who knows, it might bring a new sprint to your footsteps.

Staying apart for couples is certainly very difficult, but it is only upon them to figure out a way to bridge the distance; sometimes by doing it the sane way or sometimes by finding one’s own quirky way like Ayushmaan and Shankari did.


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