Facing the double burden: when women become Superwomen


Are you stressed out facing the double burden in your life? Well, you are not alone my friend. Let me tell you about my dear friend Nikita. A sweet, fun loving lady who always believed to live her life on her own terms. Being the only girl in the family, she is very much pampered since childhood. But time doesn’t remains the same. As she grew up and got a good job, her parents started looking for a suitable match for her.

Finally, the time came when Nikita entered into a different phase of life – Marriage, journey of togetherness or companionship. According to our society, life changes drastically for everyone post marriage and so did hers. During the initial days of her marriage, she really enjoyed her life to the fullest. Suddenly life takes a backseat as now she has to take charge of the dual life. Yes, it’s being working and managing the home at the same time. No matter whatever one does, the constant juggling of work pressure will be there for the feminine section in Indian society.

Unchanging Attitude of Modern Society

Although the 21st century has bought changes in the mindset of people. Still there is a lot that need to be changed. Our dominant patriarchal society always wants women to be superwomen in taking the charge of household responsibilities. On the contrary, it is conservative when it comes for the equal rights for both men and women. In case of Nikita, her life screwed up post marriage as she has to face the dual burden. She could not leave her job for her identity and independence. The other one was taking care of the house as it was also only her duty. She has to bear all the responsibilities of house as well as her office work.

Indeed, it is very true that life is not a bed of roses. You need to face twists and turns during the different phases. Although Nikita became a superwomen, ultimately she lost herself somewhere. With the double burden of managing house and office she was always stressed and which made her fall into depression slowly. Her happier life turned miserable facing the double burden.Dual Burden End up Bringing Stress

Needless to say, almost every women faces the dual burden as Nikita. Despite knowing double burden is not good still the division of work in our homes is missing. In our home, the majority of the work is done by women. From cooking to cleaning or managing house to serving and taking care of everyone along with the office work (if working). All the responsibilities are taken granted for female section of the society.

I really feel the whole concept of burdening the women is sad. No matter how much good, qualified or career oriented she is, still only she is held responsible for managing everything. Just imagine how good it can become if there is a proper division of work in our families. The stressed out women burdened with lots of responsibilities can chill out her own life.This results in the betterment of future lives when the sharing of work done equally. For working women there will be less burden as the work sharing in homes keeps stress away. Not only for working but homemaker also feels happy and relaxed when someone shares her work.

In my case, me and my husband share housework, we help out each other and enjoy working together. This not only lessen the work pressure but strengthen the bonding too. It indeed a great deal to my happiness as I feel proud that I have a loving and caring partner.

Remember sharing is caring. It makes the women more empowered, appreciated and acknowledged. When you share the burden with other people, the work gets easier and quicker too. So, supporting the women in your life is creating better future for tomorrow. Sharing the dual burden prepares the upcoming generation to maintain the proper work life balance. 

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