Facts you didn’t know about Helen

She was Bollywood’s first actress who redefined the conventional notions of sensuality and showed us how to be a breathtaking sexy siren. Here are the 11 facts you didn’t know about Helen.

1. She was Bollywood’s first-ever item girl.

2. She had a difficult childhood when her father died very young.

3. She had to drop out of school and join showbiz to support her family.

4. She didn’t know anyone in the business, so in search of security and companionship, she fell for the wrong man.

5. She left PN Arora in 1974, after 17 years of companionship, with a broken heart and no money.

6. In 1962 she met Salim Khan who married her to support her.

7. But his first wife Salma and her children found it hard to accept her.

8. Loving and soft-hearted Helen adopted a girl from a Mumbai slum and named her Arpita. She is now married and has a very supportive relationship with her half-brothers.

9. Helen worked on and off in movies after 1981 and her last movie was Heroine (2012).

10. She has now buried the hatchet with Salim’s entire family, including Salma and her children. They often make public appearances together in one happy frame.

11. Despite being the ‘other woman’ in Salim’s life, Helen got her happy ending.

That’s something that is very hard to find in Bollywood.

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