Fallen in love with the Bollywood adulteress on screen

Fallen in love with the Bollywood adulteress on screen

Adultery is a very common phenomenon in urban India and in some cases, rural India as well. It is the consequences of adultery that varies from case to case. And when it comes to the Bollywood adulteress the woman is someone to look forward to on-screen.

The best Bollywood adulteress

Here are the top-notch women from the best Bollywood movies based on infidelity. Directors have handled the topics with deep understanding and sensitivity and given us adulteresses we can’t ever get over.

Maya in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna– Portrait of Heartbreak

Maya’s dilemma of having a loving and (almost) perfect husband, Rishi and yet falling for the somewhat eccentric Dev (played by Shah Rukh Khan) is heartbreaking. Both Maya and Dev are stuck in their respective unhappy marriages and although Maya loves her husband, Rishi (played by Abhishek Bachchan), her love for him is platonic and not romantic or sexual in any way.

Chandramukhi from Devdas– Courtesan with a Heart of Gold 

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Bengali novella Devdas has been made into several films, and this 2002 Bollywood drama based on the same story and having the same name stars Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit in the lead roles. Madhuri as Chandramukhi was well appreciated and her dance moves, choreographed by Saroj Khan became the talk of the town, as Devdas remained a classic and Chandramukhi, as the courtesan, timeless.

Saba from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil– Knows she is the other woman 

Saba portrayed brilliantly by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is the divorced woman who gets into a relationship with the heartbroken Ayan (played by Ranbir Kapoor) after he falls in love with Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) and they have a chance meeting at the airport. Initially, Aishwarya declares that she has no place for love in her heart but the audience witnesses how much she feels for Ayan. She leaves, heartbroken once she realises Ayan still loves Alizeh and she can never replace her.

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