Love and Friendship

In a family of three we have four religions – Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism

She married a much older divorcee who was a Hindu. She was a Muslim turned Buddhist and does not understand Love Jihad
Hindu boy and Muslim girl

(As told to Manjari Singh)

I was a 23-year-old trainee journalist; he was the 40-year-old editor of The Sunday Times. I am Muslim, he was Hindu. Yet, love blossomed.

My family resisted, but not because he was a Hindu. I grew up in a liberal home where we celebrated all festivals with great fervour – be it Holi or Eid. In fact, the locality we lived in refused to celebrate Holi the year my father passed away because the best celebration the colony had witnessed was at our house. The remnants of colour could be seen on walls, switchboards, and doors, days after the festival. Eid was when we opened our home to everyone to relish kebabs and biryani. How upset my Hindu friends used to be when Navratri clashed with Ramzan!

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